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If you’re looking to add some easy-to-use equipment to your home gym, or just buy something you can work out with anytime and anywhere, you’ll want to invest in a good quality dumbbell set.

There are so many great exercises you can do with dumbbells. You can do russian twists to build your upper torso, upright rows to focus on your shoulders, and wide arm rows to strengthen your upper body and back.

You can do shrugs to release the tension in your trapezius muscles, reverse flies to improve your posture, and chest presses on your stability ball to boost your balance. 

Reap The Rewards

Dumbbells are a relatively inexpensive piece of equipment to have at home and they help with strength training and metabolic conditioning. While heavier ones are generally more expensive, you can still get an excellent workout with lighter ones by doing more reps, for example.

They’re very versatile tool. They can be used for core as well as upper and lower body exercises and you can use them just about anywhere. You can travel with them, they don’t take up too much space, and you don’t need to set anything up before you use them. Use them at the gym, use them outside, or use them while you’re watching your favorite series.

Dumbbells help with body strengthening, which in turn increases bone density and can help ward off osteoporosis. You can also see an improvement in your metabolic rate, which occurs because you increase strength in your body and build muscle and burn fat faster.

If you’re already doing lots of cardio, adding in some strength training can help you burn even more calories and reach your fitness and weight loss goals more quickly. Strength training has also been proven to help people maintain their blood glucose levels, which is important if you suffer from diabetes.

Exercising with dumbbells is also ideal because it provides two types of muscle overload, mechanical and metabolic, which are important for toning and building muscle. This allows you to get a better overall workout. 

What To Look For

Before you pick your dumbbell set, there are a few things to consider.

Fixed or adjustable: Which of these types of dumbbells are you looking to buy? The former have fixed weight settings and are best for lifting heavy weights, whereas the latter are like small barbells that come with removable plates and let you increase or decrease the weight.

Materials: Do you want bare steel or rubberized dumbbells? The former are long lasting though they may be less comfortable to use for some people, while the latter are covered in a layer of rubber (as the name suggests) and are generally safer for your floor and also easier to grip.

Weight: How much weight do you plan on lifting? If you’re going to want to increase the weight during your workout, you’ll probably want to invest in some adjustable dumbbells.

Handle and texture: Most dumbbells have a handle that is either metal or covered in rubber. As you’ll be holding them by the handle, it’s worth noting that the rubber tends to wear off over time. Additionally, the handle should have a cross-hatch pattern in it called knurling. This can be tough on your hands, but at the same time it provides a much better grip.

Storage: Dumbbells take up space, so consider how many you plan on buying. You might want to think about where you’ll store them and even consider getting a special rack.

Now, with these factors in mind, you’re much better prepared to find the dumbbells that best align with your fitness goals.