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May Madness Sale! Up to 30% Off - Selected Items - Ends May 31st

Are you looking for an at-home workout solution? Mini trampolines make an excellent tool for physical fitness, and we have plenty to choose from.
Did you know that trampolines even have their own fitness term? Rebounding is described as an aerobic exercise while jumping on a trampoline. Whether it's fast or slow jumping, mini trampolines are an excellent option for low impact, high-intensity workouts, and you can mix in rests or interval stepping.

Using a mini-trampoline, or rebounding, requires little effort but delivers results. Anyone can jump, and the health benefits make a mini trampoline well worth the investment. 

What Activities Can I Do On My Mini Trampoline?

While a mini trampoline may be small, it allows for various exercises that engage the cardiovascular system and initiate a full-body workout that you can do almost anywhere.

Rebounding targets explicitly the legs and works to strengthen the muscles, increase your endurance, and strengthen your bones. Many have likened the exercise to running, but in a less taxing form — making it an excellent option for at-home fitness.

Fun fact: NASA promotes the practice of rebounding. In a 1980 study from NASA, they discovered that rebounding is more effective at building muscle and bone mass than running. After observing a group of astronauts who had just returned from space, research showed that rebounding also increases oxygen uptake more than running.

Your body becomes exposed to a significantly higher amount of G-force, which strengthens the body. For example, when your body hits its lowest point on the trampoline, it's as if your weight nearly doubles or triples for a fraction of a second.
When your body releases itself from the trampoline and hits the highest point of your bounce, you reach a weightless state, which allows your body to relax as you float in mid-air.

"Rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man," A. Carter summarized a NASA study in 1979

Why You Should Purchase a Mini Trampoline

Besides the science of rebounding, there are many other health benefits to using a mini trampoline as part of your workout.  

Improve Your Balance and Coordination

Balance and coordination are skill-related components important to any workout, but also daily life. The flexible and uneasy surface of a trampoline causes your body to stimulate it's balancing mechanisms. Exercising with a mini-trampoline has explicitly grown among the older generation for this particular reason.

As our bodies grow older, we begin to lose the coordination and agility we once possessed throughout our younger years. Two studies conducted in 2010 and 2011 showed that rebounding via mini trampolines helped improve balance in elderly individuals and helped them recover quicker after falls.

Worried about your coordination or balance? A mini trampoline proves to be a beneficial workout feature for users of all ages. 

Say Goodbye to Back Pain

For those who struggle with lumbar back pain or back injuries, rebounding on a trampoline can ease tension and strengthen the back without straining the muscles or joints.

By comparison, running has a very high impact on the joints, and the hard surface doesn't have any elasticity (like a trampoline). The up-and-down motions and crashing to the ground can do more harm than good by adding pressure to your joints.

On the other hand, a mini trampoline is much more low impact and protects your joints while exercising. Help ease your back pain with a mini trampoline. Browse our selection of mini trampolines to find the best one for you.  

Create Safe At-Home Workouts to Prevent Injury

Rebounding on a trampoline can also significantly reduce the risk of injury.

In a 2007 study conducted on a concentrated group of injured athletes, research showed that a six-week program of rebounding was just as effective as a six-week program on a balance disc.

Other studies have shown that 27% to 70% of joggers suffer injuries in their first year of running. Exercising on a mini trampoline can reduce the level of impact that causes such injuries by 80%. Take the safer route and use a mini trampoline to create fun, injury-free at-home workouts.  

Enhance Your Bone Strength

While many exercises can improve bone strength development, trampolining is primarily for those looking for a low impact option. The bouncing motions put a small amount of pressure on your bones, strengthening them gradually and carefully.

Rebounding regularly on your mini trampoline can also contribute to building bone density.

In the same NASA study from 1980, rebounding was the best exercise to rebuild lost bone tissue in astronauts. While the studied astronauts were in space, they lost about 15% of their bone mass in two weeks. By rebounding on trampolines, they were able to rebuild their bone mass.  

In addition, exercising on a trampoline can prevent bone diseases like osteoporosis and potentially reverse existing damage. Not only does it support bone strength and build bone density, but it also prevents bone resorption.

Strengthening your bones is an important aspect of any workout. Get ahead of the game and purchase a mini trampoline — your bones will thank you later.  

Protect Your Lymphatic System

Exercising on a mini trampoline can also stimulate the lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system removes excess fluids from the body's tissues and fights viral and bacterial infections. In order to transport itself around the body, lymph fluid is mostly dependent upon muscle contractions. Rebounding exercises are one of the best means of doing so.

The accelerating and decelerating movements of rebounding on a trampoline engage a whole host of the body's muscles and utilize thousands of one-way lymph valves and ducts.

Exercising on your mini trampoline just a few minutes per day can increase lymphatic functions and assist your body in flushing out bacteria, dead cells, and other waste products. So, by investing in a mini trampoline, you’re doing your immune system a huge favor.   

Start Losing Weight Anywhere

Similar to jogging and running, rebounding via a mini trampoline is a great way to lose weight.

Rebounding is a total body exercise that effectively burns calories and fat deposits. It simultaneously tones muscle across the body, particularly the core, legs, glutes, and back muscles. Every part of the body receives a workout, so you can’t go wrong with rebounding.

It also helps increase metabolism, which gives you more energy to burn more calories. Get in shape anywhere with the portability of a mini-trampoline.  

Spice Up Your Indoor-Workout Routine. Buy a Mini Trampoline!

Purchasing a mini trampoline is an easy and affordable solution for at-home workouts. Aside from the many health benefits, it's also a fun and exciting way to exercise, especially in the comfort of your own home. What’s not to love about mini-trampolines?

Instead of taking time out of your day to go to the gym, you can exercise on your mini trampoline right at home. Whether you're rebounding in front of the television, or keeping an eye on the kids, exercising with a mini-trampoline is an efficient and easy way for an at-home workout.
Check out our mini trampolines to add variety to your indoor-workout routine!