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May Madness Sale! Up to 30% Off - Selected Items - Ends May 31st
May Madness Sale! Up to 30% Off - Selected Items - Ends May 31st

Weight Set Barbell Dumbell Dumb Bell Gym 50kg Plate

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Our 50kg Barbell Set with Carrying Case is a convenient addition to your fitness regimen. Sturdy, versatile and portable, this set has it all for anyone looking to get a great workout with free weights.   The Barbell Set comes with a full 16 weight plates so you can mix and match to get just the right weight. Plates include 4x 5kg, 6x 2.5kg, and 4x 1.25kg. With the bars included, that's a total of 50kg! You'll also receive a full barbell and two dumbbell bars.   Your weight set comes in a durable carrying case which has a set of trolley wheels to make transportation even easier, whether it's around the house or in the boot. The only thing sturdier than the carrying case are the weights themselves.   Maximise your workout routine the smart way with the 50kg Weight Set with Carrying Case.   Features of the 50kg Weight Set with Carrying Case:   *Total of 50kg worth of weights (including bars) *4 x 5kg plates *6 x 2.5kg plates *4 x 1.25kg plates *2 x 1" 14Tthreaded bar - Length:: 35cm - Weight: 1.27kg / pc *1 x 1" 60T threaded bar (in two parts) - Length: 150cm - Weight: 6.56kg *6 x 1" spinlock collars - Weight: 0.22kg / pc *1 x Hard plastic case