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Adjustable Dance Pole Spinning and Static


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Love Every Minute You Work Out

Finally, master the controversial hobby you never had time to learn. There’s nothing more impressive than pole dancing... if you know what we’re saying. Not only will you get in fabulous shape, it’s a jaw-dropping skill you’ll have for life.

  • Superb Quality: A+ grade equipment. Industry-standard construction.

  • Adjustable Height: Will fit in your home no matter what your setup is. Easily change height depending on your room.

  • Easy to Set Up: Lightweight separate pieces you can move and set up all by yourself.

  • 100% Safe: The pole won’t move as you work out. Double-protected guards keep the pole together. It’s firmly connected to the roof and floor. 

  • Discreet Shipping: No markings outside of the package. None of your neighbors will know the exciting new hobby you are picking up.

Being at home doesn’t mean you have to be bored and watch Netflix. Pick up a fun hobby that makes your true self shine.

Have a higher ceiling? We have pole extensions available to purchase as an add on here.

portable dance pole extensions


  • 45mm diameter pole
  • All steel - NO PLASTIC
  • Extra thick steel wall pole
  • Non-peel electroplated Chrome
  • Static and Spinning operation
  • Height adjustable
  • High Density sealed bearings
  • Extra wide top dome support
  • Anti slip base
  • Fits ceilings 2.23m to 2.74m
  • Tube thickness: 2.0mm
  • Screw thread: 200mm



  • 2 x Main Poles (A & B)
  • 2 x Extensions (250mm & 125mm)
  • Height Adjuster
  • Support Dome
  • Flange nuts
  • Adjuster Cover
  • Set of pole tools
  • Anti-Slip base
  • Sealed bearings

Pole dancing is physically strenuous. It is unsuitable for people who suffer from neck or back problems. Pole dancing is unsuitable if you are pregnant. Never try upside down positions without someone spotting you.
Do not use moisturisers, lotions, or oils prior to pole dancing. Pole dancing is inherently dangerous, it is advised to take professional classes or seek professional guidance prior to use.