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One Size Fits All Patella Knee Brace Strap

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Bad knees don't have to put an end to your participation in your favourite sport. When you pamper your sore knee with  Randy & Travis Machinery's patellar knee strap, you can speed up your healing time, thanks to its three inbuilt compression aids—upper, lower, and side-- that encourage better circulation.         

Jumper's knee, Osgood-Schlatter's disease, runner's knee, arthritis, bursitis, and more—all can benefit from this comfortable, lightweight knee strap. Breathable mesh fabric keeps you cool and dry, while its antimicrobial treatment protects your strap from odours, deterioration, and stains.

Features and specifications:

  • Size: One size fits all (30.4 to 45.7 cm)
  • Colour: Black

TGA ARTG Registration: 355031