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About Fitness at Home

Thanks for stopping by and welcome!

My name is Carla, and this is my business.

I have 3 young kids, in the last 10 years my husband  and I have have had and many sleepless nights.

Pre-kids we were quite active and were into Yoga, Pilates, Running and Bike Riding...

our intention was to keep our fitness up, but having our kids so close together and with work and, well our life in general, we struggled.

We both gained weight and were always tired. 

We decided in 2017 that we needed to improve our health as we were struggling to keep up with our kids, we had been putting our kid's health first and neglected our own.

So we decided that given we didn't have much time, we wanted to buy something we could use at home.

Our requirements were an item that would last and work well, something that we could actually afford and something that wouldn't take up too much room.

We purchased a treadmill, which broke after a couple of months 😩... and so that is how fitness at home began.

We only wanted products that we could sell to other people who were wanting to workout at home.

Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Singles living in small apartments. Or to those who wanted a full gym set up at home. 

Our priority was Quality, along with price and space.

So you will find all of our products have these in common! 

please feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions.

Many thanks,