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Large Brace Stabilizer For Ankle Sprain And Instability

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Large Brace Stabilizer For Ankle Sprain And Instability

Fitting either foot with equal ease, this ankle brace delivers world-class performance and lasting results.

If ankle instability or an ankle sprain has kept you off the playing field,This ankle brace stabiliser can help get you back in the game. The top choice, this brace provides superior support and is comfortable and easy to use. With no plastic inserts, this brace fits easily into your athletic shoe or street shoe. Non-stretch straps in a figure 8—similar to a basketweave taping--stabilise your ankle, locking your heel for maximum stability. If you need to tighten the straps, you can do so without even taking off your shoe. 


Features and Specifications:

  • Quantity: 1
  • Size: Large (Fits a men’s shoe size 45-50) 
  • Uses: Basketball, netball, tennis, and football, inversion and eversion ankle sprains and strains, as well as for lateral or medial ankle instability
  • Fits: Left or right foot
  • Material: Lightweight, breathable