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Force USA G3 All-in-One Fitness Trainer

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G3 All-in-One Fitness Trainer by Force USA

Our Force USA G3 All-in-One Fitness Trainer is a versatile and comprehensive workout solution designed for fitness enthusiasts who seek a gym-quality experience at home.

Our multi-functional trainer combines a power rack, Smith machine, and cable pulley system into one compact unit, maximizing both space and workout possibilities. Built with heavy-duty steel, it offers exceptional durability and stability, ensuring safety during intense workouts.

Ideal for users of all fitness levels, our Force USA G3 All-in-One Fitness Trainer is a powerhouse of functionality. Its easy-to-adjust components and ergonomic design make it a top choice for those looking to achieve their fitness goals with convenience and efficiency.

Whether you're aiming to build muscle, increase strength, or enhance overall fitness, our G3 offers the versatility and quality to meet a broad spectrum of training needs.


Specifications of our Force USA G3 All-in-One Fitness Trainer

  • 1 x Barbell Holder
  • 2 x Front Safeties
  • 2 x J-hooks
  • 4 x Band Pegs
  • 1x Long Straight Bar
  • 1 x Short Straight Bar
  • 2 x Nylon Handles
  • 4 x Carabiners
  • 1 x Tricep Rope
  • 8 x Spring Collars
  • 1 x Core Trainer
  • 1 x A Bar Row
  • 4 x Attachment Storage hooks
  • 6 x Weight Plate Storage sleeves
  • Usage: Domestic
  • Weight Sleeves: You can remove the outer layer on the weight horns and plate sleeves to fit standard sized weight plates
  • Extras: Force USA G3 Upgrade Kit | Force USA G3 Leg Press Plate | Force USA G20 Upgrade Kit
  • Materials and Finish: Heavy gauge structured steel tubing throughout | Tough PVC and rubber in heavy use areas to increase durability | Long-lasting clear coating with anti-rust protection | Eco-friendly premium commercial grade powder coating
  • Important Specs: 2:1 Cable Ratio | Plate-loaded |Chin Up Bar Weight Rating: 350kg (771lbs) | Cable Rating: 907kg (2000lbs) | Max Cable Stretch: 2.5mtrs (8.2ft) | Westside spacing on the uprights, numbering every 5th hole | Smooth cable movement due to the 4 roller design | 21 north/south cable slider positions | Holes in base to bolt unit to the floor | Simple assembly in 2-3 hours
  • Product Weight: 184kg (496lbs)
  • Dimensions: 158 (D) x 172 (W) x 220 (H) cm
  • Internal Dimensions: 125 (W) x 208cm floor to Chin-Up bar
  • Warranty:  Frame: Lifetime | Parts: 2 years | Upholstery: 90 Days

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