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Force USA G12 All-in-One Fitness Trainer

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G12 All-in-One Fitness Trainer by Force USA

Our Force USA G12 All-in-One Fitness Trainer is a versatile and comprehensive training solution designed for both home and commercial gym settings.

It combines the functionality of multiple pieces of equipment into one compact unit, maximizing space efficiency.

Incorporates various workout stations, allowing users to perform a wide range of exercises targeting all major muscle groups.

Built with heavy-duty steel and commercial-grade cables and pulleys, ensuring longevity and smooth operation.

Includes smart safety locks, ensuring a secure workout environment.

Ideal for fitness enthusiasts and professional trainers, our Force USA G12 provides a full-body workout experience, allowing for both isolated and compound movements.


Specifications of our Force USA G12 All-in-One Fitness Trainer

  • Multi-Grip Chin-Up Bar
  • Multi-Grip Dip Handles (Pair)
  • Suspension Trainer
  • J-Hooks (Pair)
  • Front Safeties (Pair)
  • Core Trainer with Rotating Holder
  • Lat Pulldown Bar (Straight)
  • Small Straight Bar
  • Metal Cable Handles (Pair)
  • Triceps Rope
  • Adjustable Leg Press Footplate
  • Low Row Foot Plate
  • Lat Pulldown Knee Anchor
  • 2 x Olympic Lock Collars
  • 6 x Spring Collars (50mm)
  • 6 x Weight Plate Holders
  • 2 x Extension Chain
  • 4 x Carabiner
  • Barbell Storage
  • Attachment Storage
  • Exercise Chart
  • Usage: Domestic, Light Commercial
  • Cable Ratio: 1:1
  • Weight Stack: 2x 90.5kg
  • Dimensions: 200cm(W) x 135cm(D) x 223cm(H)
  • Weight Rating: 450kg
  • Chin Up Bar Weight Rating: 350kg
  • Cable Rating: 2000lbs/907kg
  • Warranty:  Frame: Lifetime | Parts: 2 years

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