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Incline Bench

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Adjustable Foldable Incline Sit Up Bench

Have that fitness you always wanted. An adjustable foldable incline sit-up bench is a multi-functional fitness enhancer ideal for your home gym!

This incline workout bench will give you an assurance that it will not only accommodate your sit-up routine but it provides the perfect spot for your ab and dumbbell workouts. It will surely satisfy your workout session for the benefits are incredibly wonderful for it will increase your fitness and a marked weight loss when you make this workout bench part of your fitness routine.


The incline sit-up bench is curved to ensure an intense core and upper body workout. The two 1.5kg dumbbells and pair of rubber cord resistance expanders will bring new strength and tone to your muscles. This must-have sit-up bench adjusts for height to enable maximum intensity and features adjustable knee, leg, and foot foam roller bars to accommodate all body sizes.


Storage will never be a concern for it can be easily folded and stored away behind furniture or the door or even under your bed. This sit-up workout bench is strong and reliable. It features high-grade steel construction and will serve you for years. The bench seat and leg support bars are padded with thick foam for comfort and safe use. The five steps for easy assembly outlined in your use and maintenance manual will have you ready for sit-ups in less than 30 minutes.


If you want a full-body workout, muscle toning, weight loss… or any of the above, order the incline sit-up bench today. It is the multifunctional home gym of your dreams!





  • High-grade steel construction ensures reliability and durability
  • Multifunctional 3-in-1 home gym
  • 1.5kg dumbbells and rubber cord expanders included
  • Adjustable height and foam rollers
  • Curved ergonomic padded bench for comfort
  • Maximum capacity up to 110Kg
  • Use and maintenance manual included

Package Content:

1 x Foldable Incline Sit Up Bench