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At-Home Pole Dancing - For Fitness & Fun

Starting with a simple hook of the leg, grasp of the hand and flick of the wrist, pole dancing at home is a fun and engaging way to use individual bodyweight for a unique and varying exercise routine. Pole dancing is quickly becoming one of the hottest exercise trends of today. Combining strength training, endurance, and flexibility pole dancing exercise can be done in sneakers and work out clothing or stilettos for private at-home exercise engagement. This is a trend worthy of sharing with friends and loving partners, plus once mastered, stronger, leaner bodies can add a little spice to life at home with personal and private dance pole at home.


Features & Benefits of Pole Dancing

Challenge yourself to the hottest trend of at-home fitness with pole dancing. Utilizing complex moves incorporating gymnastics, ballet, dance, and strength training, pole-dancing can be geared to any fitness level.

No need for free weights or large gym equipment. Use individual bodyweight to build strength, mobility, and so much more by pole dancing at home. Tackle new routines to keep the body moving with challenging workouts and exercises using your own bodyweight.

Combine various exercises to get an extensive workout that meets any fitness level and reach strength, endurance, and flexibility goals using a pole and a variety of routines.

Pole dancing at home for exercise is on the rise with good reason. Once you have your pole and skills, individualize exercises and routines to meet new fitness goals or even spice up home life. From leg wraps to wrist holds, exercising has never been so fun.

Hard and lean, or a bit softer and trying something new, pole dancing can be as simple as holding the pole and walking around for easy stretches to more intense body movements using your own body weight and flexibility.