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May Madness Sale! Up to 30% Off - Selected Items - Ends May 31st
May Madness Sale! Up to 30% Off - Selected Items - Ends May 31st

Foldable Pursuit Treadmill With Fitlink

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Foldable Pursuit Treadmill With FitLink | Makes Fitness Fun

The best of both workout worlds: top-of-the-line features AND convenient, uncumbersome access. Staying on top of fitness goals is so much easier when you have a quality treadmill. The Foldable Pursuit Treadmill With FitLink fits the bill perfectly. Maintain distance & pace, tackle interval training, train for a race, and keep track of heart rate & other statistics easily and safely on this wonderful piece of home exercise equipment. Simply unfold and roll where you like—on a cool patio, in front of the TV, near a stereo, or upon waking up right in the bedroom—start your workout in the safety of home no matter what the weather is outdoors. No more uneven or unpredictable broken sidewalks and trails...the cushioned ShockControl™ treadmill surface and DuraGrip® reliability help avoid injuries as you aim for bigger and better health goals. Use the incline to challenge yourself, try out the helpful preset programs, and feel the vibrant effects of personalized daily runs, walks, or jogs. Ramp up and have fun fitness sessions on your own schedule with the Foldable Pursuit Treadmill With FitLink.

👟 ENGAGING VARIETY: The Foldable Pursuit Treadmill can be used for a variety of workouts. Run, walk, jog comfortably on three incline levels—choose your ambition depending on how you feel that day. The spacious DuraGrip® can handle whichever goal you choose.
👟 AVOID INJURY, STAY STABLE: Running or jogging on concrete and asphalt regularly puts a lot of stress on bones, muscles, and joints. Outdoor paths also have uneven or unpredictable surfaces. This steady treadmill offers a gentler ShockControl™ suspension-support system and a stable, cushioned surface to decrease impact, helping avoid injuries. Especially helpful for those who carry extra weight or have knee issues!
👟 CUSTOMIZATION TO MEET GOALS: Training for your first race or challenge? Personalize your workouts based on the amount of time and the type of route you’ll have—this high-quality treadmill gives you total control, letting you adjust to your own mission & comfort levels. Set the speed, incline, warm-up time, cool-down, and optimal distance with pre-set programs or as-you-go.
👟 SPACE-SAVING CONVENIENCE: Even in a space-challenged home or flat, this foldable treadmill is an ideal workout partner. It’s impressive how many modern features it offers while still being so portable, thanks to its HydraAssist® Folding system. Super-easy fold-up and soft-drop unfolding make setup or storage effortless, and smooth wheels mean rolling it to another room is a breeze.
👟 KEEP TRACK OF HEALTH STATS: A state-of-the-art treadmill like this means you become a virtual health guru via the easy FitLink app (iOS & Android compatible). The controls on the dashboard are completely user-friendly, as are the app functions. Keep track of distance, heart rate, improvements, goals, and more.



1200MM X 430MM
(L X W)




Interactive Personalised Workouts

Sync, record and manage your workout data on your phone.*

Control your training by tracking your complete fitness stats through a variety of secure apps, allowing you to fully benefit and go further with your results. ZWIFT compatible - immerse yourself and chase goals with structured workouts, virtual races, and your very own virtual community curated by top coaches worldwide.

*Compatible with Android and IOS devices

User Friendly Controls

Everything at your finger tips

2.0 CHP EverDrive® H2 Motor

Keeping your treadmill running and running

Nothing will beat EverDrive® in quality and durability. EverDrive® combines innovative motor engineering technology with the highest quality components to produce a new revolutionary treadmill motor.

  • Have confidence with a Lifetime Warranty*
  • AAA grade conductive copper coils and sealed bearings
  • Silent fan cooled temperature management
  • Larger motor casing reducing noise and vibration whilst adding stability
  • Advanced high grade insulation for longevity
  • Dual carbon brushes

Spacious DuraGrip® Running Belt

More room to run

The commercial grade, innovative groove belt which maximizes grip and durability for safe and long lasting high end performance. DuraGrip® belts have anti-static properties and noise reducing material to ensure a pleasant walk, jog or run.

3 Levels of Manual Incline

Burn Calories Faster

Increase the intensity of your workout and reach your fitness goals faster by adding up to 3 levels of manual incline. Training on an incline increases your heart rate and greatly improves leg strength.

ShockControlTM Cushioning

Takes the shock out of running

With our advanced cushioning system, ShockControlâ„¢ suspension provides excellent support and
reduces impact on your joints, ankle and feet to keep them well protected for every-day workouts.

Choose a preset program
for the best results

Whether you're training for mountain runs, hill climbs or looking to make the most of your time with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), we've got a massive range of pre-set, personal trainer advised programs to suit your needs.

iPad/Tablet/Book Stand

Keep entertained while you run

Your workouts will no longer feel like a chore, with an integrated iPad, Tablet or Book/Magazine stand that will allow you to keep yourself entertained during workouts.

Workout Data at a Glance

Stay in touch with your workout data with a simple, but easy to read backlit LCD display. Shows speed, time, distance, calories and pulse.

  • 1.Time (min:sec)
  • 2.Pulse
  • 3.Speed (km/h)
  • 4.Distance (km)
  • 5.Calories (Estimate)

HydraAssist® Soft Drop Folding

Fold it up & store it away

Save space with HydraAssist®. HydraAssist® creates a simple and effortless way to fold up your treadmill, and a soft-drop mechanism when unfolding your treadmill. Once folded, our Treadmill features two transportation wheels for easy mobility.

Transportation Wheels
for Easy Movement


Easy Assembly Procedure

*Important: Some models may come with additional frame coverings, pulse sensor plugs, twist-in suspension springs or other small parts.


We have assemblers in most capital cities that will be able to come on-site and assemble your product after delivery. Browse our Assembly Services and have your equipment assembled and checked, hassle free.



Speed 0.8 to 14km/h
Motor 2.0 CHP EverDrive® H2 Motor
Suspension ShockControl™ Basic Cushioning System
Incline 3 levels manual incline
Running Surface DuraGrip® AS Belt
1200mm x 430mm (L x W)
Belt Width 430mm
Maximum Load   130kg


Occupancy Size 150cm x 71.5cm x 131cm (L x W x H)
Folded Size 78.3cm x 71.5cm x 135cm (L x W x H)
Packaging Size 158.5cm x 75cm x 26cm(L x W x H)
Gross Weight 52kg
Net Weight 45kg


Computer Large LCD display
Shows speed, time, distance, calories and pulse.
Quick preset speed keys
Programs 12 programs
Fitlink Compatible Yes


Frame Tubular Steel
Running Deck Natural Incline At Base Level
Motor Specifications PWM (Pulse Width Modulation system)
with fuseless current limit
Power Supply Professional Heavy Duty DC Motor
(CE Certified)
Designed for Australian Households
(Input: 220v - 240v)
Safety Feature Overload and Short Circuit Protection
(CE Certified)
Assembly Required This product comes partially assembled
in a box with assembly instructions included


This product is covered by the following warranty/warranties:

· Lifetime of 5 Years Motor warranty
· Lifetime of 5 Years Frame warranty
· 12 Months Parts replacement warranty