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Carla S. - October 9, 2019

8 Unusual Ways To Use Dumbbells


or most people when it comes to dumbbells, the first exercise that comes to mind is a bicep curl.

They’re not at fault as these weights are well known for spot training bicep muscles.

However, there are other interesting and effective exercises that can be done with a dumbbell to work out not just your bicep curls, but your entire body as well.

When it comes to weight training, the benefits of dumbbells are well known making them some of the most popular fitness equipment out there.

However, in order to make great use of them, take a look at some of the best dumbbell sets online.


Best Dumbbell Sets Online 

When it comes to dumbbells, there are many suppliers both online and offline.

At Fitness At Home, we have the best variety of high quality and durable dumbbell sets online.

30kg Dumbbell Adjustable Dumbbell Set

This 30kg compact and sturdy set includes both bars and plates.

The set comes with twelve plastic-coated cement plates in small increments, so you can increase your load gradually as you build your strength.

Star-shaped nuts made from high-quality steel keep the weights in place for easy lifting.

Their easy, quick setup allows you to get up and running for your workout. With its handy, compact size, you can store the set easily.

12kg Vynil Dumbbell Set

Your optimum workout can be in the gym or at home with our 12kg dumbbell weight.

You can have a great tone and strengthen your arm muscles by making these dumbbells part of your regular fitness routine.

The dumbbells are covered in black vinyl for comfort and safe gripping.

Your dumbbell weights can be conveniently stored in the rack that is part of the package.

6 piece 12kg Dumbbell Set

This dumbbell set is made from neoprene which gives it an anti-slip grip.
It comes with a storage rack which makes it easy to store away.


8 Unusual Ways To Use Dumbbells

Squat for glutes: Put your feet wide apart to be in line with your shoulder width and hold your dumbbell with both hands in front of your chest.

Go down as though sitting down into a squat and then go up and repeat. This helps with glute muscle activation as well as hip mobility.

  • Not an Aimless walk: Hold your dumbbells on each hand then walk forward taking short, quick steps. Go for a given distance say from one corner of the room to another, as fast as possible. The great thing about this ‘not aimless walk’ is that you don’t need technique yet it builds your grip strength.
  • Bent-over row: Keep your core tight and bend your back straight as you row the weights up to your chest. Lower and repeat. If you’re targeting to get that “V” shape, this workout will get you there. It also helps build muscles in the upper body and biceps.
  • Double dumbbell deadlift: Bend and bring down the dumbbells to the top of your feet as far as you can go by extending through your waist and slowly come back to the former standing position. This movement strengthens the lower body muscles by shredding your legs.
  • One arm swing: Put your legs apart and go down into a squat while swinging the dumbbell with your left hand through your legs. Then drive yourself forward as you lift the weight towards your head as you straighten your legs. Repeat and do the same movement on the right arm.
  • Cross body hammer curl: One at a time, curl each weight up towards your opposing shoulder. Return under control to the start position and repeat on the other side. This movement is fantastic for building the muscles in your arms.
  • Step-ups: Find an elevated platform that is about knee-high. Place your right foot onto the platform and push up your heel through your heel to lift yourself up and the left foot on the platform. This movement builds the gluteous maximus muscles. The single leg exercises will increase stabiliser strength of the smaller muscles around the joint, protecting you against injuries.
  • Dumbbell arcs: While holding the dumbbells with both your arms lifted straight by your side to the shoulder height. Make an arc by bringing the weights down to the side of your hips. This movement is great for building muscle strength around your shoulders.


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