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We have you covered

What warranty period do you offer on your products?

Warranty is 12 months, some products have longer warranties, they will be specified on the Fitness at Home product pages. 

Can you use more than 1 discount code?

Only 1 discount code can be used at any time.

Can you get a delivery quote? 

Yes, we have a great relationship with many of the courier services around Australia, to ensure the best price for you. As a lot of our products are heavy, we have many ways to get them cheaper for you. Do you have a business we can get it sent to? Can we deliver it to your local depot? These options plus more can save you hundreds of dollars, just get in contact with us at

High shipping rate is showing, is there a way to reduce this cost?

As above, we have some great relationships with loads of couriers around the country, we have some great options that can really save you money. Just shoot us an email at and let us help you.

Payment options?

We have a great range of payment options 

Afterpay | Zip | PayPal | Visa | Mastercard | American Express | humm  | Latitude Pay | Laybuy | Direct Deposit

I live outside of Victoria, can I send a gift to a child elsewhere in Australia?

Yes! We sell to many family and friends wanting to send a gift to loved ones in a different location in Australia. 

Where are you located?.

We are based in Geelong Victoria. We have a warehouse in North Geelong, however at this stage we do not have a showroom.

I live outside of Australia, can I send a gift to someone in Australia?

Absolutely! We sell to many family and friends wanting to send a gift to loved ones in Australia. 


Can I do a traditional Layby?

Yes absolutely, we can definitely help you. Just email us at, and tell us what you are after and we will organise a plan with you to ensure you pay it off over a time that suits. 

Can you package deal products and offer a discount?

Yes, the more you purchase the bigger the discount we can give you, email us at with what you were wanting to order and let us see how we can help you.

Can I by wholesale off you?

Yes, we sell lots to wholesale and bulk orders, just email us at and let us know your requirements and we will be able to help.

Can we purchase through NDIS?

Yes absolutely, we have many regular NDIS clients, just go to this link and follow the simple steps here.

Only part of my order has arrived, what should I do?

There can be a few reasons for this, some products come from different warehouses. 
Also, couriers treat each box as its own entity, so if a product you purchased has 5 boxes, you might receive 3 one day and 2 days later receive the last 2 boxes, as they can be separated in transit. We follow all of our orders to check their progress, and in the rare occasion there is an issue, we will contact you to let you know.

My order hasn't arrived yet?

Orders are shipped within 2 business days. And depending on your location in Australia, orders can take 3-10 days to arrive.