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Waterproof Therapeutic Kinesiology Sports Tape - 10 Pack

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Our sports tape is therapeutic, protective and remedial! Our waterproof tex kinesiology sports tape package includes ten 5m x 5cm rolls in a variety of colors. This therapeutic tape is made of 100 percent elastic cotton and medical grade adhesive glue which is suitable for human skin applications.  This versatile and effective tape is suitable for both old and new injuries from sports activities including MMA athletics. It shields the skin from new injury and protects old injuries from further damage. This tape provides gentle medical benefits to the neuromuscular system and helps the blood and lymph circulation which eases muscle and joint pain. Specifications: Comfortable substrate Soft and breathable material Allows full-range motion  Provides consistent compression without restricting circulation Stable and reliable Safe, therapeutic and waterproof Colours: Pink, blue, black, purple, orange, red, green, flesh tone