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V2 Elite PU Prospec Head Guards

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The Morgan V2 Full contact head guard offers maximum protection to the face, with unrestricted head movement. Excellent field of vision. Adjustable Velcro straps at the rear of the head, for perfect fit and comfort during intense training sessions. Specifically designed for full-contact sports and ideal for protecting a recovering facial injury. Great protection when trying to master solo weaponry techniques. Made using an Advanced injected foam to provide maximum head protection with a fully ventilated carbonate front mask to assist with reducing a fog build, that's easy to wipe clean before and after use. The plastic grill cannot be removed.

  • Made from an advanced EVA injected foam to provide maximum head protection
  •  Full head and face protection
  •  A fixed ventilated polycarbonate front mask ensures that the mask will not fog up during combat sparring 
  •     Double velcro rear fastening on the back of the head to protect the neck
  •     Elastic over the top of the head for added comfort 
  •     Great for all forms of martial arts, specifically designed for Koshiki Karate sparring