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Thumb Stabiliser Brace Support Strap - Black

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If you've injured your thumb or have arthritis, limiting movement means limiting pain while you heal. This maximum-support thumb stabiliser from Randy & Travis Machinery can help you keep your thumb well-supported while not limiting the movement in your other fingers. Its support strap wraps around your hand for stability, while a well-padded splint keeps your thumb still during healing. This thumb-stabilising splint limits the movement of your metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint—the joint that controls your thumb's movements. Although your thumb will enjoy full support, you'll have full use of all your other fingers so you can use them in your everyday activities. Not only does it support your thumb and the joints inside it, but it also keeps the area warm, allowing blood to speed to the area for faster healing. Whether you've suffered a soft tissue injury, a ligament strain, a repetitive strain such as gamekeeper's thumb, arthritis, or another degenerative joint disease, this thumb splint is your key to being pain-free.  If you have a sore thumb from an injury or a chronic condition, there's no reason for you to suffer any longer. Get your one-size-fits-all thumb stabiliser today! Features and specifications: Size: One size fits all—fits wrists that range from 13.9 to 26 cm. Colour: Black Material: Breathable mesh fabric Hand: Fits both left and right hands Stays: 2 Straps: 3 Latex-free TGA ARTG Registration: 355031