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ST-13 Stepper With 12 Workout Programs Auto Incline

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Kick start your health with the ST-13 Stepper With 12 Workout Programs Auto Incline.

Variable Automatic Resistance.


Adjust your workout in an instant with Variable Automatic Resistance (VAR). Find the right intensity for your workout with 24 levels of resistance and 12 workout programs.

With VAR, you’ll be able to:

  • Variable Automatic Resistance
  • Change resistance at the push of a button.
  • Make Your Own: Set your own workout without having to constantly change resistance

Power Incline

Adjust your ST-13 through 15 levels of automatic incline to simulate the moderate
gradient of rolling hills, or the intense workout of running up a flight of stairs.

Comprehensive Workout Control

Actively track every aspect of your workout including your speed, distance, time, calories, and pulse with a comprehensive LED display workout computer. Automatically adjust magnetic resistance, incline, or select from a range of exercise programs to find the most suitable conditions for your workout.

Hybrid Air & Magnetic Resistance

A dynamic air resistance system is responsive to your cadence on the ST-13, increasing resistance exponentially as you increase your RPM. Therefore, the harder your step, the more intensely the ST-13 resists your motion. You can rely on the Magnetic Resistance for a wide variety of smooth resistance, but thanks to the Air Resistance System, the ST-13 has no upper limit on the intensity of your workout.

Dedicated iPad/Tablet Holder

Stay entertained as you exercise

With a dedicated iPad and tablet device holder, you can keep yourself entertained while you exercise and still have full control of your workout computer. Connect your device to the inbuilt speaker system for the ultimate fusion of entertainment and exercise.

Activate Your Whole Body

As a way to emulate the full body workout offered by cross-trainers, the ST-13 features active handles.
Engage your upper body in your workout.

Effective Programs for the Best Results

Receive the personal trainer experience at home with 12 Workout Programs to achieve the peak of your performance. The ST-13’s programs includes weight loss, fitness test, interval training and many more, with the ability to create your own custom exercise programs.

Other Features

Transport Wheels & Floor Levellers

Large Anti-Slip Foot Plates

Padded Handles




Hybrid Magnetic & Air Resistance System
Adjustable Tension - 1 to 24 Levels


8kg Heavy Duty Cast Iron Magnetic Flywheel

Power Incline

Automatic, 15 Levels



Belt Drivetrain


Large Foot plates to secure foot during use


Occupancy Size

150cm x 88cm x 178cm (L x W x H)

Packaging Size

143cm x 50cm x 103.5cm (L x W x H)

Gross Weight



Net Weight


Maximum User Weight




LED Dot Matrix
iPad/Tablet/Phone Stand

Workout Statistics

Time (min:sec)
Speed (kph)
Distance/Odometer (km)
Calories (Estimate)
Pulse (BPM)



12 Preset Programs
Custom User Program
Target Heart Rate Programs

Heart Rate Reading

Hand Pulse Sensors (EKG)


Assembly Required

This product comes partially assembled in a box with assembly instructions included.


Tubular Steel

Power Supplay

AC Power Plug


Transport Wheels


Floor levellers



Fixed Middle Handles
Rotating Hand Levers


This product is covered by the following warranty/warranties:

· Lifetime of 5 Years Spin Bike Frame warranty

· 12 Months Parts replacement warranty