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Single Handle Cable Attachment

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This Single Stirrup Handle is made for everyday gym use due to its solid construction and effective design. It is designed to fit on all cable exercise equipment. The Single Stirrup Handle features heavy duty steel construction and is built to stand up to the punishment of the most rigorous fitness routine. This piece of equipment is a must for your workout regimen. Regular use will help you expand your range of exercises. The Single Stirrup Handle is unmatched in its field and is the ultimate in reliability and durability. It will give you solid and intense workouts far into the distant future. While maximizing the effectiveness of your training, an intense isolated workout focused on a variety of muscle groups is one of the benefits of the Single Stirrup Handle. Enjoy the best and most effective cable exercises you have ever experienced with the addition of the Single Stirrup Handle to your workout regimen. The cable attachment is versatile and can be used at the gym or at home. Take your fitness training to the next level with this product. It will expand your fitness training to include a wider range of exercises that will help you build the rock solid body you want! Product Specifications: Built to last - high quality heavy-gauge steel design supports even the most rugged workout Solid contoured chrome handles with knurling Allows for a huge range of exercises One-piece solid construction handle A popular cable attachment in private gyms 17cm: Inside handle length Exercises: Reverse Rows Bent Over Rows 45 Degree Lat Pull down Close Grip Lat Pull down Seated/Low Row And Many More Exercises