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May Madness Sale! Up to 30% Off - Selected Items - Ends May 31st
May Madness Sale! Up to 30% Off - Selected Items - Ends May 31st

Sand Bag Power Bag For Strength Training 15KG & 25KG

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Sand Bag Power Bag For Strength Training 15KG & 25KG

Our professional sandbags and powerbag are all the rage!

Our strength training sand bags come in a handy and durable powerbag that will make transporting them easy and convenient.

This multipurpose bag is adaptable for all types of fitness, strength and endurance training, boot camp activities, circuit training - both indoors and outside.

Our sandbags are superior to fixed weight exercise bags in a number of important ways. These great fitness must-haves feature unique hand grips and individual pockets that allow the user to control how much weight is added to the bag. The weight is fully adjustable by removing or adding 5kg units incrementally. These sandbags are ideal for doing drop sets!

The sandbag challenges strength and endurance much like the kettlebell does. The bag is designed to allow movement forcing the lifter to continually adjust to the shifting weight. The user is forced to use more muscle groups and expend more energy. Sandbags are effective training enhancements but their volatile nature can be frustrating. We"ve addressed that issue by equipping our bags with six handles for extra control.

Our sandbags allow you to have unlimited versatility in your workout. Whether doing squats, presses, core strength training or jogging, dragging, boxing or throwing, our sandbags will bring your workout to new levels.

Challenge yourself and get more than you expect from your workout. Order our sandbag training weights and powerbag today!


• 1x 15kg and 1x 25kg Sets
• 8 x special 5kg inner bags (filled with sand) - top, bottom and both ends
• Strength and durability
• Grip handles
• Carry handles

• 15kg bag: 55 x 18cm
• 25kg bag: 66 x 20cm
• Inner bag: 30 x 20cm (approximate)