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May Madness Sale! Up to 30% Off - Selected Items - Ends May 31st
May Madness Sale! Up to 30% Off - Selected Items - Ends May 31st

Rower -445 Magnetic Rowing Machine

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445 Magnetic Rowing Machine by Lifespan | Heavy-Duty, Foldable, Adjustable Resistance

Row, row, row your way to a great at-home workout! The 445 Magnetic Rowing Machine by Lifespan is a versatile machine that will stand up to years of great workouts without taking over your whole home.

Don't be afraid to crank up your workout thanks to the 16 levels of resistance. The 445 is built to handle serious workouts for the long haul, thanks to the heavy-duty flywheel and extra strong rowing cords. Have company coming over, or just want to reclaim some space between workouts? With the quick-release pin, the machine can be folded in seconds to take up half the space, and it can be easily moved thanks to the built-in transport wheels. 


  • BRING YOUR A-GAME: Row full-out with confidence. This heavy-duty machine can take it! Long workouts, fast pace, high bring it, and the 445 won't disappoint! 
  • KEEP THE VOLUME DOWN: Whether you work out early and don't want to wake the rest of the house, or you'd just really like to hear that tv show, podcast, or playlist...the super-quiet drivetrain on the 445 is your new best friend.
  • RESISTANCE IS (NOT) FUTILE: Rowing isn't just great cardio, it offers a full-body workout, too. Crank it up through 16 levels of resistance (up to 18kg/f or 150N) to really feel the burn.
  • KNOW YOUR NUMBERS: Like to track your performance and results? We've got that covered, too! The large LCD display is easy to read and tracks time, calories, stroke count, and strokes per minute.
  • BUM-FRIENDLY, TUSH-APPROVED: Ever cut a workout short because the machine was just too uncomfortable? (We have!) Thanks to the ergonomically-designed, smooth glide of the contoured rowing seat that won't be an issue with the 445.