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Rubber-Coated Lat Pull-Down Bar Attachment

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The Randy & Travis Rubber-Coated Lat Pull-Down Bar will help you enjoy an intense workout and get the results you want! The Randy & Travis Rubber-Coated Lat Pull-Down Bar is solidly constructed and designed for optimum results. This handy versatile device is ideal for everyday use at the gym and fits perfectly on any cable exercise equipment. This lat pull-down bar features heavy duty steel construction and is built to last. The Randy & Travis Rubber-Coated Lat Pull-Down Bar can stand up to the rigors of any workout from beginner to advanced user. Randy & Travis Machinery produces high quality exercise equipment. You can rely on this outstanding piece of equipment for years to come. It is unmatched in its field. The Randy & Travis Rubber-Coated Lat Pull-Down Bar will allow you to isolate and focus your training on the muscle group you want to build up. This sturdy device will challenge you and provide maximum effectiveness in your workout routine. This outstanding piece of equipment will allow you to have the most effective workout with the widest variety of cable exercises possible. This versatile attachment can be used at the home or at the gym. Take your training to new heights. You"ll appreciate the convenience and absolutely love the results! Features: Manufactured by Randy & Travis Machinery Structural integrity - built to last Heavy gauge solid steel construction can take a beating Angled and contoured knurled grips Rubber coating for safety and comfort Cutting edge multi-grip and revolving design Exercises:  Listed below are just some of the exercises that you can enjoy using the Randy & Travis multipurpose attachment. Bent-over rows Low rows Close grip low rows Close grip lat pull-downs Standing cable curls Hammer and reverse hammer curls Overhead cable curls Tricep pushdowns Wide-grip pushdowns Straight-arm pull-downs Wide-grip lat pull-downs Incline tricep extensions