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Rag Filled Round Shield

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The Morgan Rag-filled Round Shield is the original style round shield that has always been an incredible training staple for athletes of every skill level. It is perfect for power punches, jabs, hooks, body shots, combinations and more. 

Using 850D ripstop vinyl and filled with a combination of Australian-made cotton and fleece, this round shield offers any athlete a great solid and dense training target. Trainers all over Australia have sworn by the rag-filled punch shield to advance their boxers' punches and power. Not only is it great for a punch shield but also works as a weighted accessory.

  • Made from 850D ripstop vinyl
  • Air release eyelets
  • Rag filled with Australian premium rag blend
  • 2 x Plastic tubed reinforced handles
  • Dimensions:  43 x 43 x 24cm