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Magnetic Flywheel Rowing Machine - Silver

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Kick start your health with the Magnetic Flywheel Rowing Machine - Silver.

Supercharge your home gym, this Powertrain Magnetic Flywheel Rowing Machine packs power of giving a high intensity full body workout. It is lightweight, portable, space saving and vertically stack-able.

 Comfort and ease of use, the contoured high density seat rides on 4 quiet rollers giving you a professional gym experience so you can be assured of a great workout. The handle is covered in a very comfortable high density foam so slippery hands wont be a problem.

 This PowerTrain rower also has the unique feature of being able to pull the cable from above and toward the front, this allows you to also use the unit for standing arm exercises such as bicep curls, so you can achieve a total arm workout.

 The footpads with adjustable straps make using this rower a breeze - no chance your feet will fall out when they are strapped in nice and snug.

A cardiovascular workout: Do you want to increase your core muscle strength and lose weight? Exercising on a Powertrain rowing machine causes your upper and lower body to work in unison, leading to multiple muscles being activated.

Using the major muscle groups whilst exercising on our rowing machine gives you a full cardiovascular workout, this means that you to burn a lot of calories, increase your fitness, and strengthen your muscles at the same time.

 Packed with features: Rest assured knowing you can have complete control over your workout. With the easy to read LCD screen and built in computer, you can set your workout based on a variety of different goals: set the rower for the mode you want to use such as time, strokes, or calories burned.

 *Please note: Basic assembly is required which should take around 30 min


  • Powertrain Magnetic Flywheel Rowing Machine - Silver
  • Genuine Magnetic Flywheel
  • Variable Resistance
  • Commercial Glide Rail
  • Molded Seat



Size 200 x 61cm
Brand Powertrain
Max Weight Cap 200kg
Unit Weight 35kg
Package Contents
  • 1 x Magnetic flywheel rower
  • 1 x Instructions Manual