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Solid Frame Power Tower Chin Up Dip Pull Push Up Machine

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Kick start your health with theSolid Frame Power Tower Chin Up Dip Pull Push Up Machine

The Power Tower has all the features that you could possibly need in your workout regimen. 

The multiple grip positions are designed to give users the ability to do chin-ups, dips, push-ups, sit ups and leg raises because of its multiple grip positions. You can rely with the Power Tower for it is made with heavy duty steel construction. It has quick and easy adjustments making working out less of a hassle when transferring from one exercise to the other. The Power Tower is designed to allow correct body alignment throughout your entire workout. 

While the Power Tower is durable and can stand up to the most rugged of workouts, it features a padded armrest to provide comfort and security as well as a back pad that provides overall comfort. The Power Tower"s side base and solid frame are designed to provide ultimate stability during your fitness training.

Product Features:

  • 150kg Weight Rating
  • Back padding adds safety and comfort
  • The ideal equipment for sculpting and toning
  • Added comfort and secured position provides comfort and security
  • A wide-ranging workout can be achieved with this highly versatile fitness equipment
  • Reaches all muscle groups
  • Grip handles had comfort in multiple positions
  • Stability enhanced by wide base and solid frame
  • Assembly required

Package Content:

1 x Power Tower Chin Up Dip Pull Push Up Machine