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2 x 24kg Adjustable Dumbbell Set Red

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Stay Fit with just a click. 


Muscle atrophy (shrinkage) can kick in as little as two weeks. (1) Inactivity tells your body to break down muscles. That can turn years of dedicated gym-going into a lackluster physique. Even if you’re not in shape yet, these weights let you get into shape at home.

  • A Fraction Of Other Home Equipment: Full dumbbell sets can cost as much as $2,000. These adjustable sets give you the same experience for a fraction.
  • Something For Everyone: The weight you need to get fit is available. Switch quickly depending on your exercise and the muscle you’re working out.
  • Get A Confidence-Boosting PUMP From Home: Boredom and missing friends and colleagues makes days less exciting. Enjoy the hormones from working out.
  • Easy To Use: Just “Click” them to your desired weight and you’re good to go.
  • Durable Design: Automobile quality plastic takes years of use. Use these weights for years. Any day you can’t go to the gym.


    Protect Your Physique and Enjoy Rewarding Home Workouts



    • 2 x 24kg Adjustable Dumbbells
    • 2 x Dumbbell holders
    • 1 x User Manual