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Pair of Parallette Bars

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A truly versatile set of parallelettes, these black powder-coated training aids by Randy & Travis Machinery let you use your own body weight for resistance as you build your core and upper body strength with push-ups, tucks, V-sits, L-sits, dips, and handstands.

Ideal for people with a diverse set of abilities, these parallelettes push both beginners and serious athletes to greater heights in performance.


With top-quality construction, heavy-duty steel is powder-coated for durability under even heavy commercial gym use. These versatile parallelettes can also be a useful tool for rehabilitation from injury, making them a useful piece of equipment for physical therapists as well. Their easy-to-use 10 cm-circumference makes it easy to grip no matter what size hands you have.


Quantity: One pair

Material: Heavy-duty steel and powder coating

Colour: Black

Handle weight: 5 kg

Handle dimensions: 56 cm long x 30 cm wide x 30 cm high

Grip circumference: 10 cm

Packing materials: Wrapped in plastic to protect the powder coating