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Olympic Swiss Barbell

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Time to level up your weight lift training with this remarkable and sold-out Specialty Barbell giving you the strong muscles any gym enthusiasts dream of. 

This is a specialty Olympic Swiss Bar barbell, rated for lifting up to 226kg. The overall size of this Chrome powder-coated barbell is 2.2m or roughly 86 inches. The fully welded multi-grip Swiss bar is rackable on most standard power racks and has a weight of 27.5kg, or 60.5 lbs. 

There are 8 neutral grip knurled handles. Olympic sleeves on each side of the Swiss bar are 50mm in diameter with a 400mm loadable length. 

Among the many applications of this specialty, barbells are the bench press, floor press, lockouts, JM press, and shoulder press. Also known as a multi-grip bar or football bar, the Swiss bar barbell helps alleviate many of the orthopedic issues associated with traditional barbell movements. 

The varying positions of the grips allow for a more natural hand placement while lifting, which helps athletes avoid injury during exercise. 

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1 x Olympic Swiss Bar Specialty Barbell