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50cm Olympic Dumbbell Handles Pair Bearings Weight Bars

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50cm Olympic Dumbbell Handles Pair Bearings Weight Bars

Make room for our Olympic dumbbells part of your weight training program. Another great take home weight training equipment for your home. It is a great addition to any home gym.

50cm Olympic Dumbbells (pair) - Bearings

Getting serious in building your strength, this Olympic Dumbbells are an add-on in getting that fitness goal you are desiring to have.  Regardless of owning a variety of Olympic weights, these new Olympic dumbbells will enhance and make a difference in your strengthening training. They are a must-have for the serious weight trainer. 

Get on the cutting edge of weight training today. Having these easily storable dumbbells handy in your home allows you to work out when you want - before work or after - without the hassle of going to a gym and working out on its schedule. The modest investment in our dumbbells will allow you to save the cost of those expensive private club fees and will take your weight training to a new level!

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  • Length: 500mm (20 inches)
  • Grip Length: 11.7cm
  • Handle diameter: 2.5cm
  • Easy to grip knurling
  • 2x pairs screw collars included (4x screw collars)
  • Sleeves rotate freely due to high quality needle bushings

Please note that weight plates are NOT included.

Package Content:

1 x Olympic Dumbell Handles Pair Bearings Weight Bars