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Neoprene Black Weight Lifting Belt

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Whether you're a serious weightlifter or just train for fitness or fun, safety is a must when you lift. With this heavy-duty weightlifting dip belt by Randy & Travis Machinery, you'll be set for even the most strenuous workout! With its strong Neoprene and rubber back support, it is the best protection you can buy to keep your spine and muscles from overuse injuries. Metal D-shaped loops—one fixed, the other with a flip hook--fasten the chain to the belt. Heavy-duty stitching holds everything together. Holds up to 80 kilogrammes for serious weight training. Features and specifications: Size: One size fits all Dimensions: 7.5” x 30” Colour: black Material: Neoprene and rubber Accessories: 1 pair wrist straps Holds up to 80 kg Flip hook for easy on and off Die cut