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Fitness Wall Ball - 8kg

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Jump into a high-intensity workout with the Cortex 8kg Wall Ball. Our wall balls are constructed with a soft PU leather shell that is comfortable to use, even when an intense workout makes your palms sweaty. Trust in the durability of our design; our quality stitching will see you through use after use. Even weight distribution throughout our balls makes throwing and catching easier and safer.




Diverse Range of Exercises

The Wall Ball allows for explosive movements which stimulate major muscle groups ranging from biceps, legs, shoulders and more.

Soft Shell & Easier Grip

Contrary to other types of balls, Wall Balls have the softest casing with PU Leather, which can be a lot more forgiving. When your workout gets tough, your hands can get sweaty and PU leather will offer more grip at higher moisture levels.

*Refer to product model for size

Large 35cm Diameter

All Wall Balls are 35cm in diameter, meaning the grip width will always be consistent across different weights.

Quality Stitching

We make sure all wall balls are super durable with precise and thorough stitching on the outer PU Leather shell, as well as the internals of the ball.

Evenly Weighted

All Wall Balls have an equal distribution of weight across the ball for great consistency, making throwing and catching easier.



Our Wall Balls are ideal for core fitness, endurance, cross-fit training, and general coordination or flexibility workouts. Wall Balls are available in 4kg to 10kg and are universally sized at 35cm diameter per ball. Encased in PU Leather, our wall balls are filled with sand which is consistent, balanced and easy to handle, while maintaining shape and absorbing high-velocity impact.
  • Great for Functional fitness, wall throws, partner drills
  • Perfect for strength, speed, explosive movement training
  • Colour-coded for different weights
  • Won't damage flooring when dropped
  • PU Leather casing with a balanced and consistent structure 35cm in Diameter


Weights & Ball Colour 8kg - Red


This product is covered by the following warranty/warranties:

· 12 Months Parts replacement warranty