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KB141 Kettlebell Steel 10kg

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Designed for serious gyms and elite athletes, Cortex Commercial Steel 10kg Kettlebell. Made from indestructible steel, this is the professional athletes choice for kettlebell lifting. To reach your ultimate potential, our colour coded kettlebells allows you to easily alternate between weight ranges that best suit your exercise.





Industrial Grade Steel

Our virtually indestructible commercial designed Kettlebells are encased in industrial grade steel. A machined smooth handle offers a comfortable grip for all tough workout sessions. With the reliable construction, you know you can workout everyday knowing it is built to last.

Durable Finish

Designed with durability in mind, a black powdercoat finish provides a dark & sleek finish. Perfect surface for holding chalk.

Flat Based Machine

For the perfect sit and to minimise any wobbling, we've created a flat round base for easy use.

Colour Coded

We’ve colour coded the handles of each weight increment to create it easier for professionals and gym athletes to train with.