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Portable Heavy Duty Gym Sled with Harness

Shipping From $16
Shipping From $16

Portable Heavy Duty Gym Sled with Harness

Build, strengthen, and increase your speed during workout sessions with this Heavy Duty Gym Sled with Harness

This crossfit, fitness strength push sled is built and made to help you meet your fitness goals faster and more efficiently. If you want to focus on toning and building leg muscles, you need go no further than our power sled. It is specifically made to build your endurance to increase your cardio strength.

The Heavy Duty Sled is easily transportable and can be taken anywhere enabling you to work out where and when you want. Its full metal construction provides the strength you need. A tight-fitting adjustable harness is included for your safety. The sled is specifically designed for Olympic weight plates of 50mm in diameter.

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  • Leg building and toning
  • Build cardio
  • Take it anywhere
  • Full metal construction
  • Tight Fitting adjustable harness included
  • Designed for Olympic weight plates 50mm Diameter

Note: Weights are NOT included

Package Content:

1 x Heavy Duty Gym Sled with Harness