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Gym Power Sled with Harness

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Gym Power Sled with Harness

For a complete workout, the Gym Power Sled is a perfect piece. As it builds your strength and increases your speed you will get that dream fit and shape you always wanted.

The sled has an easily-transportable design that is sure to become a fitness essential and a training aid that you will come to rely on for total body training. 

The power sled will build explosive strength as it focuses on building and toning leg muscles. Working out on the power sled will enhance your cardio endurance. The unit is mobile and can be taken anywhere you want to work out. Its full metal construction provides safety and the padded harness shoulder brings comfort to your workout. 

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Specifications and Features:

  • Build explosive strength and cardio endurance
  • Build and tone leg muscles
  • The portable unit can be taken anywhere
  • Full metal construction provides durability and safety
  • A tight-fitting adjustable harness provides safety and security
  • Harness shoulder padding provides comfort and ease of use
  • Designed for Olympic weight plates with 50mm diameter

Package Content:

1 x Gym Sled with Harness