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GS10 Multi-functional Smith and Cable Machine

Shipping From $245
Shipping From $245
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Kick start your health with the GS10 Multi-functional Smith and Cable Machine

Over 100+ Exercises

Ideal for training your entire body, the GS10 offers unparalleled versatility to target all muscle groups.

All In One System

The perfect machine for all your needs. Integrated with some of the most versatile and 
ubiquitous gym equipment, the GS10 is sure to satisfy your workout goals in one compact package.

Built to Last

Featuring a sturdy tubular steel frame, this commercial inspired frame is built mostly of steel square tubes for 
high stability and load capacity. Black power coating & chrome finish protects parts against corrosion and scratching.

Storage made easy

Store your materials hassle free, the GS10 offers numerous storage options for weights and attachments.

For Beginners to Athletes

With such a diverse range of exercises, the GS10 is ideal for all fitness levels. Whether you are just 
starting your fitness journey, or if you are looking to strengthen your body, the GS10 offers the full package.

  • Technical Specifications


- Multifunctional power rack, cable/pulley machine for weight lifting, chin-up and cable exercises
- Adjustable cable pulley machine with 30/50 mm weight plate intake
- Smith Machine/Guided Olympic barbell bar with 50mm weight plate intake
- Two adjustable safety spotters with rubberised bearing surface
- Multi-grip double chin-up bar with two handle options


Dimensions And Weight

Occupancy Size

185cm x 155cm x 225cm (L x W x H)

Packaging Size

Carton 1: 220cm x 34cm x 16cm (L x w x H), 42kg
Carton 2: 220cm x 34cm x 16cm (L x w x H), 30kg
Carton 3: 181cm x 16cm x 8cm (L x w x H), 25kg
Carton 4: 111cm x 49cm x 20cm (L x w x H), 39kg
Carton 5: 53cm x 45cm x 21cm (L x w x H), 29kg

Gross Weight



Structure & Technical

- 22 height positions for safety spotter, J-cups, etc.
- 26 height positions barbell bar guide
- 8 intakes for weight plates with 50 mm (Ø)
- Barbell rest with rubber bearing surface
- Two J-cups with rubber bearing surface
- Two dumbbell bar intakes
- Possibility for anchoring in the ground (optional)
- Material: powder-coated steel
- Load-bearing capacity control cable: max. 200 kg per side
- Load-bearing capacity safety spotter: max. 500 kg
- Load-bearing capacity J-cups: max. 350 kg
- Load-bearing capacity weight disc holder 150 kg
- Load-bearing capacity pull-up bar: max. 200 kg


Warranty Information

This product is covered by the following warranty/warranties: 
- 12 Months Parts replacement warranty