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Physical Therapy Foam Roller - Yoga/Pilates


Physical Therapy Foam Roller - Yoga/Pilates 

This foam roller during work-out sessions is being promoted by many health professionals for therapy. 

This is not a typical foam roller for this item can make you achieve your fitness goal in less time. You can see big improvements by the effective use of this Commercial Deep Tissue Foam Roller. 

It is well known among fitness experts that the foam roller is an essential tool for Pilates, for core, ab and back stabilization as well as for general strengthening. This foam roller is not only effective in balance training for sports but gives you healthy physical therapy. The rollers also double as self-massage tools for the upper and lower back and the calf, hamstring, glutes and quads. IT (iliotibial) band syndrome is alleviated with foam roller workouts. The foam rollers are recommended for both intermediate and advanced users for balance training and in professionally supervised training due to the challenge they present with their full round design.

It is ideal for both warm-up and cool-down periods in order to best release myofascial tightness. You will calm your muscles faster and prevent spot pains by using your own body weight to apply pressure to targeted areas and even to your entire back, legs, arms and buttocks areas


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Dense EVA Foam + Plastic Tube
  • Designed to last
  • Dimensions : 14cm x 33cm (5" x 13")

Package Content:

1 x Foam Roller - Yoga/Pilates