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Flexi-Number Free Standing Rebound Bag

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The Morgan Rebound Freestanding Bag with Numbers is a commercial-grade rebound training partner that is designed for boxing, cardio fitness, and martial arts training. The rebound bag is supplied to hundreds of fitness studios and martial arts centres in Australia and has been tested in some of the most highly participated training facilities in the country. This bag is made in Taiwan and uses only the best quality materials. The upper striking area is made from high-rebound PE foam that is covered with a PVC outer shell. The use of pressurised steel frame shaft that has been further supported by a plastic sealing cover ensures that the bag can move around and spring back at rapid speed. 

This freestanding training rebound bag stands at 180cm in height and is 35cm in diameter. It has a removable bottom padded section that once removed will increase the rebound action of the bag. We recommend this bag to be used in a more aerobic style fitness and martial arts training where the objective is for quick high-speed repetition rather than exerting high amounts of power and strength. If you are looking for a freestanding bag to absorb more power and offer little flexibility, please view our Tri-Max free-standing bag range.

  • PVC outer shell covering a high PE rebound foam inner
  • Steel frame rubber shaft support with pressurised bag stem for optimal rebound performance action (bag will bob around to perfect your reaction and technique for moving targets)
  • Approx. 6-foot total height including the base and removable bottom cover,  35cm diameter
  • Ideal for target numbered combination drills
  • Fill the base with water or sand for maximum stability – approx. 60kg of water or sand
  • Excellent stability,  designed for typical lightweight free sparring striking
  • Made in TAIWAN under quality control