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Power Bag 15kg

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Easy To Handle Cortex Power Bag 15kg

Easy to handle, our Power Bags allows for a diverse range of exercises, from both compound movements and isolation exercises.

Built to Last

Durable Strap & Padded Handles for Easy Handling

  • Easy Storage: Duffel Bag figure allows for easier storage in comparison to traditional strength equipment
  • Perfect for Home Use: Soft exterior is very forgiving when dropped, minimises damage to the home or flooring.
  • Technical Specifications
  • General

    CORTEX Power bags are excellent training tools, great for safe strength training as it sits comfortably on shoulders and can be easily handled with heavy-duty seat-belt handles.


    - Strong heavy-duty PU Leather
    - Filled with a blend of Sand & PP Cotton
    - Durable Strap handles for easy handling 
    - Colour-coded for different weights 
    - Perfect for strength, speed, explosive movement training 
    - Won't damage flooring when dropped

    Dimension & Weights

    Weights & Sizes 15kg - 55cm x 22cm (L x Diameter)

    Warranty Information

    This product is covered by the following warranty/warranties: 
    - 12 Months Parts replacement warranty