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Olympic Wooden Gymnastic Rings

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With these Olympic Wooden Gymnastic Rings, you can get the perfect grip for your pull-ups, dips, or ring work. Gain strength and flexibility with these time-tested tools.

Rings and pull-ups may seem like the same thing, but there is a difference.

Pull-ups involve hanging from the bar to work your back muscles, which rings don't provide. But what rings do provide is one of the best exercises going around: dips!



Ring diameter (pipe): 28 mm

Webbing strap: 2.5 cm x 450 cm

Material: High-quality wood (rings) and high-strength nylon (strap)

Maximum load: 400 kg

External ring diameter: 235 mm

Included items: 2 wooden gymnastic rings, and 2 high-strength webbing straps with quick-locking buckles.