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May Madness Sale! Up to 30% Off - Selected Items - Ends May 31st
May Madness Sale! Up to 30% Off - Selected Items - Ends May 31st

20kg 4pcs Kettle Bell Set

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Regular workouts with our fantastic Kettlebell weight set will give you the results you deserve!   Build muscles and stay fit through regular workouts with our versatile Kettlebell weight set. No matter what your level of fitness, this weight set can be used by everyone – from beginners and intermediates to advanced fitness trainers.  It's a proven fact that the Kettlebell is the fastest and most efficient way to increase strength, boost endurance and enhance agility and balance. The Kettlebell is unique in that it challenges all muscle groups during a workout.  The 360˚swinging exercise will sculpt your body. Our Kettlebell weight set comes with four different weights which allows you to increase your strength and challenge your endurance as you progress and increase weight size.  Get the most out of your fitness training and take your workout to a whole new level with our fabulous Kettlebell weight set! Features : •    Four Kettlebell weights o    2kg, 4kg, 6kg, 8kg •    Comes in black •    Easy to use •    Cutting edge design Specifications: •    Product dimensions: (W x H)* o    2kg: 14cm x 15cm  o    4kg: 18cm x 20cm o    6kg: 20cm x 23cm  o    8kg: 23cm x 25cm  •    Package dimensions (L x W x H):* o    Box 1 : 15cm x 12cm x 17cm  o    Box 2 : 19cm x 15cm x 22cm  o    Box 3 : 22cm x 18cm x 25cm  o    Box 4 : 23.5cm x 19cm x 27cm  •    Package weight: 20.9kg* *Dimensions and weight approximate