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Core Bag 15KG

Shipping From $25
Shipping From $25

SMAI Core Bag has a new premium design that features an improved overall construction to increase the life of your fitness gear. Why use sand bags, which can easily tear and make a mess, the Core Bag has a pebble filling and strengthened inner and outer layers for a reinforced finish.

Featuring unique handles (one side has them running length ways, the other width ways) the SMAI Core Bag allows an array of dynamic, multi-plane movements with the option of a pronated or neutral grip depending on the exercises you wish to perform.

Filled with washed pebbles that are then housed within a lining bag they are tightly positioned in a central location. This ensures a balanced weight within the bag. The outer surface is then lined with an NBR rubber foam for a uniform and soft even appearance that ensures the pebbles cannot be felt when used.

The SMAI Core Bag is a dynamic piece of equipment that allows the teaching of correct form and technique for beginners in aspects of training such as:

    • Strongman (atlas stones, farmers walk, keg walk etc)
    • CrossFit when using them in WODs
    • Kettlebell training
    • Alternative for sandbags

Not only can you incorporate the Core Bag into body weight movements, it is also an alternative to barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells. This is useful for outdoor training options or when performing multiple exercises, as this means you don’t have to mess around with changing through different pieces of equipment.


  • Rip-proof vinyl cover
  • Reinforced composite foam lining
  • Pebble filling
  • Handles made from reinforced, vinyl seat-belt webbing
  • Sand free
  • Zipper is enclosed with stitching
  • Weight can be variant of -/+ 1kg


Length Diameter Weight
10KG 60cm 23cm 10kg
15KG 60cm 23cm 15kg
20KG 64cm 27cm 20kg
25KG 72cm 29cm 25kg


Note: this item under no circumstances should be purchased by or used within a F45 Studio

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