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Compression Shorts

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Morgan Compression shorts are designed to compliment your athlete's training. Its moisture-extracting DuPont lycra ensures that the compression wear fits well and does not get in the way of training. It is not bulky and so it does add strain to the movements, unlike most compression shorts in the market. Using a unique blend of DuPont lycra will keep one drier for a longer period. The strategically located over-seam stitching will keep the muscles tighter and in place. Our compression wear has been designed to be worn under athletic wear as well as a standalone piece of clothing. Morgan has achieved a subtle but effective a range of compression clothing popular Australia-wide.

  • Ergonomically patterned to male anatomy
  • Enhanced circulation
  • Aid lactic acid removal
  • An increased flow of oxygen
  • Reduced muscle vibration
  • Reduced delayed muscle soreness
  • Reduced muscle and ligament strain by keeping muscles in line and at an optimum position
  • Aid recovery after exercise