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Coaches Chest Guard

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The Morgan B2 Bomber chest guard is updated with a modern design and technology that incorporates layers of high-quality EVA, underlay, and quad-core T3 padding. The lightweight (1.7kg) contoured shape infuses 7.5cm of multiple layers of energy-absorbing foam for heavy protection while allowing you to move freely during training. Five adjustable safety points offer a customisable fit with an additional rear padded back support to allow the chest guard to be worn for longer durations while limiting back and shoulder fatigue.

  • G8 grade synthetic matt leather
  • Exclusive Quad Core 3 commercial grade padding
  • 5 points of adjustment
  • Padded back support to limit fatigue
  • Height = 53cm 
  • Width = 87cm (wrap-around body)
  • Thickness = 7.5cm
  • 1.7kg overall weight