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Agility and Speed Slalom Training Poles Soccer Rugby Set

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Agility and Speed Slalom Training Poles Soccer Rugby Set

Beat any challenge! With agility slalom training poles, a topnotch equipment that will prepare you for any tough competition and overpower your opponent.  

The agility training set consists of ten 10 x 165cm slalom training poles that will make you ready to beat the most challenging soccer or rugby meet. The materials used are made from the toughest heavy-wall PVC. The ability slalom training poles are 2.5cm in circumference and feature a non-rust metal spike for easy insertion into any turf. Thus, our poles are built to last. 


For all your speed and agility training needs, you can surely rely on our slalom training poles for best results. After regular workouts with these great training assets you will surely see improvements. 


This sturdy athletic gear can also be used as markers for running as well as for temporary goal posts. The versatility of our slalom poles makes them suitable for a full range of work-out routines including those focusing on agility, speed, flexibility and aerobic fitness. Athletes of all ages can benefit from these fitness enhancements. Their bright yellow colour makes them a stand-out no matter the place, time or conditions. They are surprisingly light-weight and portable!


Order these great training enhancements and be ready to meet and beat the competition!




·         Light in weight and portable

·         Tough heavy-wall PVC, 25mm (1”)

·         Dimensions: 165 x 2.5cm

·         Set of ten poles.


Package Content:

1 x Agility Slalom Training Poles Soccer Rugby Set