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Adjustable Weight Ankle Wrist Straps Enhancer Training - 10KG

Shipping From $25
Shipping From $25

Adjustable Weight Ankle Wrist Straps Enhancer Training - 10KG

Push your fitness into overdrive with the Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weight Straps! You can enhance your fitness from weight training to yoga to cardiovascular workouts — by strapping extra weight to your wrists or your ankles. These adjustable straps are fully made to customised your workout session. Whether at home or at the gym, you can surely benefit from this Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weight Straps. So what are you waiting for? Order yours today and save with our everyday low price.

Quality: These weight straps are truly trustworthy for these were designed and manufactured by Randy & Travis Machinery, a leader in sports and outdoor equipment. The RTM name is synonymous with tough: these straps are made from a reinforced heavy-duty nylon.

Design: Equipping the straps to either your wrists or your ankles is a breeze thanks to one-size-fits-all Velcro. The straps are also surprisingly comfortable with a special outer mesh. You can customise your weight from 1kg to 5kg per strap (total of 10kg) with the included weight packs. Start low, and then add weight over time as you become more fit.

Features of the Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weight Straps - 10KG:

  • 2 x 5kg adjustable straps for ankles or wrists
  • Attach easily with one-size-fits-all Velcro
  • Weight adjustable from 1kg to 5kg in 1kg increments, per strap
  • Made from reinforced heavy-duty nylon
  • Comfortable outer mesh which breathes for long workouts

Package Content: 1 x Adjustable Weight Straps - 10KG