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Adjustable Inversion Table

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Kick start your health with the Adjustable Inversion Table.

After working for a whole day, do you often suffer from the pain in your neck, shoulder or back? Let our Adjustable Inversion Table relax your whole body and relieve you of these pains! Equipped with a waterproof PVC mat, an adjustable headrest and large padded backrest, this inversion table can provide adequate support and comfort for you when exercising. This back inverter with heating massage Cushion can also offer massage therapy which can promote blood circulation and ease the sore wrist. Featuring the four-angle pin system, our back stretcher can allow you to choose the inversion position you prefer by adjusting the pin. For your peace of mind, the adjustable boom (from 147cm to 198cm) can easily accommodate the height of you. The ergonomically molded ankle holders made of PE foam as well as the non-slip rubber feet are designed to ensure more comfort, stability and security, while hanging upside down. Featuring solid padded u-frame handles, this gravity inversion table can let you return to the upright position with ease. Owing to the foldable design, this new inversion table is easy for storage and carriage. Thanks to the heavy-duty steel frame, this cheap but premium inversion table australia can support a maximum weight of up to 150kg. Don't hesitate to bring this must-have home gym equipment with safe strap system to keep fit!  

*Note: Before using this equipment, you should consult with your personal physician to see if inversion equipment is appropriate for you.    


  • SAA Massage Cushion
  • Safe and Secure
  • Fast Release Foot Pad
  • Non-Slip Rubber Foot
  • Inversion Range- 180 Degrees
  • High-Quality Waterproof PVC Mat
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame Construction
  • Padded U-frame Handles for Secure Return
  • Foldable Structure Design for Easy Storage
  • High-density PE Foam for Comfortable Training
  • Padded Ankle Clamps for Added Comfort & Safe
  • Accommodates users with a 150KG weight capacity
  • An adjustable Boom to Accommodate User's Height
  • An adjustable headrest pad with large and comfortable padded backrest
  • True balance system for easy inverting with ergonomic ankle holding system
  • Four position adjustable safety pin for easy positioning and safer inverting over strap systems



Max User Weight


Max Height Range


Inversion Range

180 Degrees


PVC Covered Foam

Gross Weight

30 KG

Net Weight


Product Dimensions

123cm x 71cm x 165cm

Carton Measurement

135cm x 69cm x 15cm


Scratch-Resistant Powder Coated Steel