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Weight Dumbbell 30kgs

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30kg Dumbbells Set   Take control of your fitness right at home with the 30kg Dumbbells Set. Made by Randy & Travis Machinery, Australia's leader in quality sports and outdoor equipment, these dumbbells are just what you need to start or continue your fitness journey.   Made from a durable plastic outter with cement filling, these weights are easy to slip on and off in order to customise your workout. You'll receive 8 x 2.5kg weights and 4 x 1.25kg weights. You'll also receive 4 easy to use screw collars to ensure your weights are securely in place.   Randy & Travis Machinery has delivered once again for home fitness enthusiasts with the 30kg Dumbbells Set. Get 'em, and get fit!   Features of the 30kg Dumbbells Set:   *Total of 30kg weights *8 x 2.5kg weight plates *4 x 1.25kg weight plates *4 x screw collars *2 x steel bars *Plates made from durable plastic outter with cement filling