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Abdominal Pad Sit Up Core Strength Comfort Trainer Mat

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Kick start your health with the Abdominal Pad Sit Up Core Strength

Power Tower is a versatile piece of fitness equipment.

An equipment that will allow you to do a variation of exercises for both your upper body and lower body. The Power Tower compact footprint won't take up too much space.


What can you do with the Power Tower?

Good chin-ups (closed grip and wide grip) and pull-ups thanks to overhand and underhand grip positions. Vertical knee raises. Triceps dips. Even push-ups thanks to lower grips. Great thing about Power Tower it is constructed with a heavy-duty, commercial-grade steel along with long feet for extra stability. It has arm pads, back pad and grips which made for your comfort.


Get that fitness you always want with the Power Tower at a great price today.

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Features of the Power Tower:


  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Great for chin-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, dips, raises and more
  • Arm pads and back pad have extra padding for your comfort
  • Multiple grip positions

Package Content:

1 x AB Power Tower Dip Chin Push Up Home Gym MultiStation