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Alumlite Barbell

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Morgan Alumlite Barbell 

The Morgan Aluminium Technique Barbell often referred to as the “Alumlite Bar”, is a tool for training the correct Olympic lifting techniques.

The shaft is manufactured from high-grade aluminium knurled just the same as our training and competition bars - light, flat, narrow, and not too sharp. It’s easy to get it wrong with such easily corruptible material. Contrary to popular understanding, aluminium is a very hard material despite it being light and brittle. The benefit is in the weight and not its strength. Aluminium can fracture if repeatedly dropped or flexed at a too great angle. We advise no more than 50kg on each sleeve, and to use it only for technique work. Make sure to lower the bar slowly.

  • Length: 6ft / 1.83m
  • Centre Knurling: No
  • Grip Knurling: Yes Dual for both Olympic and Powerlifting 
  • Weight: 8kg
  • Max Load: 100kg
  • Sleeve Rotation: bushel bearing + groove sleeve for quick/smooth rotation
  • Total Length: 1.83m 
  • Sleeve Diameter: Anti Slip 50mm