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6m Air Track with Pump

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Whether you need a soft, forgiving gym mat to train for gymnastics, yoga, or another sport—or you just want a soft spot to hang out on the floor while you watch TV or picnic outside, this inflatable gym mat from Randy & Travis Machinery must make your wish list this year. Crafted from sturdy double-wall drop-stitch material and tough commercial-grade PVC tarpaulin with reinforced seams, this mat is built to last. Easy to fold, inflate, deflate, and unfold, this mat is as portable as it is useful. Take it to the beach for a comfy alternative to your beach towel, or take it along on your next caravanning excursion for a great place to enjoy nature from a soft, cushy spot. Get yours today.

Features and Specifications:

Dimensions: 600 cm x 100 cm x 20 cm

Material: Commercial Grade 1.2mm DWF (double wall fabric) + 0.6mm PVC Tarpaulin Colour: Blue

Maximum air pressure: 10 PSI, 0.7 BAR

Accessories Included: 220V electric pump

Inflation and deflation time: 1 minute

Attributes: Size: 6m